Monday, January 03, 2011

Pierre Marcolini : Brussels, Belgium

Happy New Years everyone!  I'll kick things off with a sweeter post: Pierre Marcolini, a chocolatier in Brussels, Belgium.

In addition to chocolates, they also make macaroons...

... and of course various chocolate cakes and desserts.

Raspberry macaroon dessert
The macaroon, lovely in texture, just a light tap of flavor and crunch of texture on the tongue, before making way for the raspberry cream and then the raspberries themselves.  Both of us preferred the version at LaDuree, but this was pretty solid too.

Dark Chocolate dessert (No photo)
Creme brulee, anglais creme - tastes very mature, with very restrained (vs overly sweet) flavors - the dark chocolate had a tinge of dryness like some red wines.  I can certainly understand why this place attracts the upscale clientele they do.

Pierre Marcolini
Multiple locations

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