Monday, November 22, 2010

Flore en L'Isle : Paris, France

Continuing on our sentimental kick, the fiance and I visited an ice cream shop we visited on our first trip: Flore en L'isle across the bridge from the Notre Dame.

Like last time, there was a small line of about 20 people or so.

And like our last time, I spat out some mangled French accent to order.  (The photo below shows some of the flavors available there.  The guy managed to shift his head right when I was taking my pictures)

No pictures (that we'd like to share), but we sprung for two cones, each with two flavors:

Pistachio - Decent, but the real pistachio flavor did not come through sufficiently.
Melon - Liked this much more than the pistachio, tasting like a refreshing cantaloupe
Hazelnut - Strangely, unlike the pistachio, this was pretty loyal to the hazelnut flavor.
Rose Framboise - I'm not sure if I actually got to taste this one.  :P

We mainly went here for sentimental kicks and having seen others with ice-cream cones around other areas, I suspect there may be other ice-cream shops around the area, potentially with better ice-cream. But if you do find yourself around these parts and at this shop, you probably will not do so bad there.

Flore en L'Isle
42 Quai Orléans 75004 Paris, France
01 43 29 88 27

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