Monday, October 18, 2010

EK Boulangerie : Paris, France

And getting back to my long-ago European trip, next up was EK (Eric Kayser) boulangerie, one of the more well-known and well-respected boulangeries/patisseries in Paris.

Interestingly, the interior was very polished, reminding me of pastry shops back in the US, which tend to focus on the more upscale crowd.

As for the food, well, unfortunately, we didn't think we could polish off a loaf of bread, which is what EK is mainly known for.

Croissant - Mainly a buttery flavor, but not quite as rich and drawn out as the one at Fournil de Fontainebleau Boulangerie, but still pretty good in its own way.

Brioche chocolat l'orange - This was just marvelous. Not a bit dry at all.  Nice balance of quality chocolate and the orange flavor.

Chocolate cookie - I really was wondering how well the French did chocolate chip cookies (and if you're wondering where chocolate chip cookies originate from, according to this website, it was from a restaurant called Toll House Restaurant in Massachusetts in the US).  The thing was rather greasy.  Certainly tasty, a nice chocolate and good tasting cookie itself, but had I done a blind-cookie tasting, the grease factor would not have bode so well.

Pain aux raisin - Also slightly greasy and also rather tasty.

Granted, this is a pretty casual review of this place, given that we didn't get here early in the morning when things were fresh and we did not eat these pastries immediately, but overall, the quality was pretty high, if not particularly innovative or mind-bending.

Maison Kayser
Multiple locations throughout Europe

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