Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ti Jos : Paris, France

Heh, back for another round of crepes... in the same day, on the neighboring street.  This time, To Jos, a creperie with Breton crepes.

I would never have thought I would said this about a place in Paris, recommended in a guide book no less, but the meal overall was a bit disappointing.

Ham & cheese - I'm not quite clear on what kind of ham this was, but the somewhat slippery texture, together with the salted taste just seemed off to me.

Tomato & goat cheese - Okay crepe and decent tomatoes.  Wouldn't have been all that great, except for the quality of the goat cheese, which saved this from mundaneness.

Chocolate & almond - For chocolate and almonds, oddly forgettable.  Chocolate just okay, nothing that different than a chocolate crepe, errgh, that you might get in the states.

Ti Jos
30 Rue Delambre 75014 Paris, France (Map)
01 43 22 57 69‎

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