Monday, September 27, 2010

Le Fournil de Fontainebleau Boulanger : Fontainebleau, France

It's always good to see a line in front of a boulanger in France in the morning and Le Fournil de Fontainebleau consistently had a line in the mornings.  (Above photo not taken in the morning)

So I sauntered on up and in my best pseudo French, ordered:

Croissant - Flaky on the outside and bready on the inside. The outside tastes almost as if there are small flecks of sugar, which unusually leads to a slightly sweet initial taste, that is followed by a rich butter taste.   Certainly not bad.

Pain aux chocolat - Also not bad.  Bready, not that much chocolate inside, but the chocolate flavor comes in at the right moment to save croissant from not being too dry.

Solid stuff, perhaps not quite as good as the ones we've had in Paris or my favorite in Philly, but hell, I would not mind if these were available in Atlanta.

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  1. We just got back from France and I think this was the boulangerie in Fontainebleu we absolutely fell in love with! I was trying to look it up online to see if I could get any of their items here and I came across your fun blog!