Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flip Burger : Atlanta

After getting sick of all of the restaurants in the more suburban area I live in, I decided to check out Flip Burger, run by chef Richard Blais, who is known for having participated on Top Chef: Chicago.

And despite it being located in an area that still wasn't quite downtown, inside the place had a chic atmosphere that I wouldn't blink an eye at, had it been in downtown .

Modern furniture.  Interesting pop-art painting on the wall (what's seen on the background of the website).  Thin, attractive, too-cool-for-you hostesses and waitresses.   All captured in the following photo.

Oh wait, scratch that.  Here is the kitchen crew working in the background with aioli and ketchup dispensers in the foreground.  

As for the food, well, it came off... Is fadish a word?

Perhaps it was my fault for ordering what I ordered, the Korean BBQ burger, what with Korean tacos coming on to foodie's radars a few years ago and most likely triggering Korean + other-random-thing fusions elsewhere.

But there's a fairly large Korean population in Atlanta and I was hoping against hope that perhaps this was the real deal in taking some of that local inspiration and spinning.

korean bbq burger -american wagyu patty, braised short rib, kimchee ketchup, pickled veg, crispy tempura onion.  Unfortunately this was not the case.   I would not even call this Korean-influenced.   The vegetables were just pickled.  In some vinegar.  No heat.  And to top it off, the first flavor that comes across is the buttery bun.  Also the burger was a bit on the dry side, despite my ordering it medium-rare as per usual.

The fries were fairly similar to other modern restaurants these days: sea salt, bits of parsely, served with a decent aioli.  And I certainly, everything was cooked fairly decently; it's just seemed like there was no strong vision of what the flavors should be.

I also ordered a shake, which was named after some golfer and which I am not going to attempt to remember, because it will inevitably be completely wrong.

It was some combination of lemon and some other more heh sobering ingredient like an alcohol.  Whatever the name was and what that other ingredient was, I did not like it at all.   It was much-much too fruit forward and I almost ordered myself another drink after a few sips, had this not been a good $6 or more.

I was certainly glad to see this type of restaurant around and hustling.   But I am looking forward to a restaurant like this that actually delivers on the promise of good food, rather than just the atmosphere.

Flip Burger
1587 Howell Mill Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30318-7648 (Map)
(404) 352-3547

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