Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mega Tacos Taqueria : Norcross

The waitress just wasn't understanding, when my brother said "one of each."

She replied, "Yes, we have tacos.  What meat would you like?  There is steak, pork, tongue..."

Being more impatient these days, I busted out my Spanish abilities, those worse than a 3 year old.

"El quiere cuatro tacos: una tripa, uno chorizo, una asada y uno carne."
(He wants 4 tacos: one tripe, one chorizo, one pork, and one beef)

"Yo quiero cuatro tacos: uno pastor, uno pollo, una lengua, una cabeza. Gracias."
(I want 4 tacos: one al pastor, one chicken, one tongue and one beef cheek.  Thanks.)

While she understood and marked things down on the pad, she gave us a funny look, before taking our menus and walking away.

We looked at each other.  That was strange.



You don't think that these are going to be mega tacos, do you?  You know, we are eating at Mega Tacos.

The thought of having to down 4 tacos, the size of pancakes flashed in my mind.  I was hungry, but not that hungry.

Fortunately, for all of the drama, the tacos were regular sized.  And they were pretty good.

Served on flour tortillas, which were pretty decent.
Tripa - I think this was tripe.  It tasted more like crunchy pork rinds
Chorizo - (Not to be confused with Spanish Chorizo) Slightly salty, but flavorful. One of our faves.
Asada - A bunch of pork, perhaps boiled?  Slightly dry meat itself, but when you bit into, some watery juices flowed out.
Carne - Slow stewed beef, similar to beef chunks in a slow-cooked stew

Served on corn tortillas, also pretty decent.  Fair thin and had a nice grill char taste to them.
Pastor - Flavorful, unrecognized flavor - Adobo?
Pollo - Chicken, decently grilled.
Lengua - Another of my favorites, the tongue just so soft, one might almost think this wasn't meat, but in a good way.
Cabeza - Tasted somewhat similar to the asada taco above, strangely.

All in all, this was a pretty satisfying meal.  But I'm still not quite clear on what the disconnect with our waitress was in the beginning.

Mega Taco
2655 Beaver Ruin Road Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 248-0097

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