Friday, April 02, 2010

Contigo Peru II : Chamblee

I think we were destined to try this place out.

I randomly drove by the Contigo Peru I location one day and made a mental note to return with my fiancé, since we both like Peruvian food and have had good experiences with casual Peruvian restaurants before in Hartford.

Strangely, when my fiancĂ© was in town, we had just stopped by Maison Robert Fine Chocolate, and ended up spotting the other Contigo Peru location.

"Hey, wait that's the Peruvian place I was telling you about.  Yeah, okay I could go for Peruvian."

Okay, that was a pretty lame build up, so let's move along here.

The inside is well pretty casual.

...and the food was pretty decent.  I don't think either of us would blink at driving out and eating here again.

(And if the dishes we ordered seem tame, it's because of my fastidious habit to baseline a place on familiar dishes, before returning and venturing on to more exciting ones.)

Ceviche Pescado - Pretty decent, the texture is pretty nice, but we definitely had to dip the pieces in the lime juices though; since the fish had been placed on top of the lettuce and the juices had dripped out a bit.

Yuca fritas (fried yuca) - A touch on the dry side, but I think yuca tends to be a bit dryer in texture than say a potato.  Accompanied by a mayo-based sauce, almost tasting like salad dressing.

Arroz con mariscos - Also not bad at all, the seafood cooked decently and the rice flavored sufficiently with the seafood.

Again, both of us weren't dazzled by the place, but did find it satisfying, well-done and comforting enough to make the trip back occassionally.

Contigo Peru II
5360 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Chamblee, GA 30341 (Map)
(770) 455-8338

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