Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mozart Bakery : Atlanta

I was in the Buford Highway area for a haircut and saw Mozart Bakery right across the street, so decided to pick up some baked treats from this Korean bakery.

Custard bun - Fairly light bun, with somewhat standard egg custard. Not bad, but not that memorable

Walnut cake - I could not resist picking up this massive behemoth of a cake.  That's a yellow sticky note for size reference.  It was not bad, tasting a bit like the walnut cakes that are sold in Chinatown bakeries, except not as dense and oily and slightly sweeter.

Green tea creme roll - The cake roll itself, by itself, was already a bit creamy-tasting and sweet for my tastes, let alone putting the cream in.  Green tea products can sometimes veer too much on the green tea side, bringing in its dryer, slightly bitter and sobering flavor in, but this was just the opposite, there was not very much green tea flavor or texture.

Orange pound cake? - I am forgetting now, but I believe this was some sort of citrus pound cake and it was okay, but like a lot of the other things, just very memorable.

Manjoo - chestnut filling, outside covering with cinnamon/nutmeg.  Ok, but nothing memorable.

Shrug.  If I were to have to choose between the two, I would opt for White Windmill Bakery, which wasn't mind-blowing, but seemed to demonstrate more restraint and balance in their baked products.

Mozart Bakery
5301 Buford Highway Atlanta 30340-1130 (Map)
(770) 936-8726

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