Tuesday, March 09, 2010

French American Brasserie : Atlanta

My fiancé was visiting and it was Valentine's day, so we decided to try out French American Brasserie, aka FAB, in downtown Atlanta.

This post will be very photo-light, since I forgot to bring my camera and in the dark light, nearly all of the photos that I took on my cell phone made our dishes, well, look like blobs of tar.

The place was massive. It was nice that they had a live accordionist, playing random french diddies (and also more popular songs. I seem to recall a song from the Godfather)  I'm not sure if it was just for V-day or whether he's a regular or not, but he made his rounds throughout the restaurant.

As for the food, it was ok, running more on the American, than the French side.

Moules Mariniere - chives, garlic, butter/cream - Nicely cleaned. Pretty heavy sauce though. Despite this being an app, we were served a massive portion, maybe 60 or so mussels? We were eating this throughout the entire meal. Btw, our server was great. We had to wait a oh maybe 15 minutes for the moules, but our server kept us in the loop on the status.

Beef cheeks - Tender, tasting like oxtail or ngo lam almost. Pretty heavy red wine sauce. Accompanied by pretty delicious, but not so healthy potato chips, seemingly deep-fried in fat, which made for a really rich flavor that complemented the more tangy red wine sauce. But oof, both the potato chips and entree were very heavy.

Chicken - Chicken stuff with a meatball-like inside, also with an accompanying red-wine based sauce. Served with kale. Also pretty heavy. Chicken on the dry and pasty side.

Sorbet - Orange, lemon and raspberry - Not uber sweet, but flavors tasting like the candy orange, lemon and raspberry flavors and not like the real fruits. It actually took me a minute to figure out what the flavors were supposed to be.

Heavy seemed to be the key theme here.  The sole reason that we went for the sorbet was because the entrees were so oof-inducing.

We will be hunting for other French places to get our French fix, since this was not really cutting it.

French American Brasserie
30 Ivan Allen Junior Boulevard Atlanta, GA 30308-3003 (Map)
(404) 266-1440

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