Monday, March 08, 2010

Fish Shanty : Dover, NH

I was in Dover, New Hampshire for some business and stopped by a seafood restaurant, called the Fish Shanty.  It was decently late 8'ish on the Super Bowl Sunday.  As such, there was only a handful of people inside.

Service was very friendly.  There was one "waitress" and she introduced herself as the daughter of the family that owned the place.  As I was one of the only diners, she invited me to read one of the newspapers they had available and provided regular updates on the superbowl score.

As the food, it was serviceable.  It's not going to compare with the best of New England seafood shops, but it will most certainly do.

Lobster bisque - More butter/cream flavor than lobster, but served piping hot and filled to the brim.

Fried clams -  Fried clams and oh boy, a whole hell of a lot of them and this was the small plate (!).  Clams, not ultra uber fresh, but decent enough.  Cleaned very well, without any grittiness.  Fairly light battering and almost no salt, which I thought was nice.  The accompanying French freies were decent, more potato in flavor than batter.

I obviously walked out feeling tremendously overstuffed, because that was a lot of fried food to ingest.  But it was nice being able to enjoy friendly service and decent seafood, after a fairly long day of traveling.

Fish Shanty
471 Central Avenue, Dover, NH 03820-3410 (Map)

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