Thursday, April 01, 2010

El Pollo Loco : Smyrna


I seriously did not plan this post to land on April 1, but I do feel strange posting about a chain fast-food joint. For some reason, I am imagining whether gangsta rapsters ever speak baby talk to their kids and if so, whether they ever felt a pang of identity crisis.

In any case, whether the following (which are quoted from my notes) are spoken out of madness in my desperate hunt to see if a decent Mexican restaurant exists close to my home, remains to be seen.

Taco Al pastor (?)  / Taco pollo (?) - Sadly, for all its soulless atmosphere. this could be the standard, to which I compare other tacquerias in the area to. Frickn' small tacos, about the size of my palm, but decent tortilla. Meat slightly lower quality, but fairly tasty and decently cooked. Hells bells man, why can't other tacquerias at least do this.

Churro - Crunchy, and at the last minute a very slight bready cream inside. Overly sugary/cinamonny on the outside. My stomach was not so happy with this one afterwards.

The funny thing is I returned for a second time to confirm whether I was imagining my thinking of this place or not.

3 Chicken meal w/ Rice - Chicken was not bad at all, crispy skin, moist meat throughout.  Again nothing outstanding, but certainly solid for a fast food joint.  The beans could have used a lot of work, just over cooked and squishy and the rice nothing memorable.

Strange, strange, strange.  For select things, this chain fast-food place seems to be above average for taquerias.  It just feels so wrong eating these tacos in such a McDonald's like atmosphere.

El Pollo Loco
2521 Cobb Parkway Southeast, Smyrna, GA‎ (Map)
(770) 612-3184‎
Many locations

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  1. You'd think there would be at least one decent tacqueria around your parts! Keep on searching! I'm sure it'll come up when you least expect it!