Friday, February 19, 2010

El Taco Veloz : Smyrna

Continuing on the hunt for half-decent Mexican food around my place, I stopped by El Taco Veloz.  Like its name suggests (the fast taco), it just has the feel of a franchise fast-food meets taco joint concept.  It's got the drive-thru...

And even the building looks like an old fast-food place.  Certainly being located right across a McDonald's helps the association too.

And wise-guy, you can piss off if you think Taco Bell has already covered the idea of fast-food Mexican.

Fortunately, unlike McDonald's, the food is not uber-processed and didn't give me the sick-to-my-stomach feeling.  Unfortunately, unlike McDonald's, which has its international corporate supply chain all worked out,  El Taco Veloz's attempts at the low-cost model seems to translate into some apparent lower-quality ingredients.  I ordered a few tacos and received luke-warm meat and tortillas that filled my need for sustenance, but just didn't bring any of the joy of eating.

Taco Asada, Lengua & Carnitas - The meats were different, yet going from one taco to the next, the meats seem somehow indistinguishable in the way that cafeteria prepared meats can inexplicably blur together.  (As an aside, now that I think about it, these meats are from different animals and different parts of those animals - it's scary how neutered the flavors can become).  I apologize for the pictures; I was responsible for adding the green salsa that make it look like someone ralphed on my tacos.

The tacos weren't as bad as they look.  It's more that they weren't good.  It just reminded me of some dollar stores, which only carry low-quality products that remind you that you're in a dollar store.  (As opposed to dollar stores in which you find products available at other stores, but you are thrilled to find at heavily discounted prices.)  In other words, despite the relatively low prices, the tacos don't really seem like a bargain.

I will note, however, that a number of others were all eating some sort of soup.  Perhaps it is knowing what to order here...

El Taco Veloz IV
925 Windy Hill Rd SE Smyrna, GA 30080 (Map)

Multiple locations around Atlanta

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