Friday, February 26, 2010

El Indio : Norcross

I came here, based on some comment (that no longer seems to exist) that said there was the holy triumvirate of taquerias in Norcross: El Indio, Mega Taco and Gorditas La Rancheritas.  So away I went... (oh, and please do excuse the creepy drive-by cell phone camera photo.)

As for the food, well it was decent, but it didn't really stick out as too memorable. But perhaps it was what I ordered?

Carne Asada - There was not anything bad on the plate, but nothing particularly stood-out. The refried beans and rice were a bit buttery to my taste. The pork, pretty much just salted and grilled. The chili pepper had just been grilled and actually was pretty tasty.  Certainly everything seemed pretty fresh and decently cooked, but this dish was certainly not worth traveling out for alone.

Random picture of tortillas.  Not sure why I took this.  For posterity, perhaps?

Grr.  Outstanding taquerias in the Atlanta region, I will find you.  And when I do, I will eat your tacos.

El Indio Restaurant y Taqueria
2066 Beaver Ruin Road Norcross, GA 30071-3632 (map)
(678) 205-5269

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  1. I recommend the tacos by far especially because of there salsa bar they have at least 3 different fresh made salsas and fresh limes, radishes pickled spicy carrots n jalapeños mmmm mmm the crarne asada is beef not pork, and it's a dish that is more desirable if u grew up eating it :)