Tuesday, January 12, 2010

White Windmill Bakery & Cafe : Doraville

A couple buildings down from Chosun Ok was White Windmill Bakery & Cafe, a Korean bakery/cafe, which has a few other locations, all sprinkled outside-the-perimeter, northwest of Atlanta.

I always feel a bit bashful taking a picture of interiors, for fear of people getting irate at me taking their photo, but it's decently nice inside.  Kind of feels like a slightly more (but not too) rustic Starbucks if that makes any sense.

As for the food, it was pretty decent, say better than the average Chinese bakery for example, in that it showed more restraint and subtle flavors, but just not outstanding or mind-blowing in the way some French bakeries can be.

Chestnut Manjoo - Pretty decent texture and taste. Chestnut mashed up inside, slightly powdery, mashed potato texture. Not oily. Light, with chestnut and sesame being the main flavors.

Hawaiian roll - no idea why this is called a hawaiian roll. A wheaty type cake with lots of walnut pieces and cream. Slightly rounded flavor of cream, offset by walnut and wheatier flavors of cake. Decent.

Cream rye bread - Essentially a roll of rye bread with cream added to the batter and some walnuts. The cream cut down on some of the sharper bitterness that rye can sometimes have and the walnuts increased the kind of dry texture and flavor. Strangely, I initially wasn't a fan, but this grew on me and I came to quite enjoying about half-loaf.

Heh and you gotta love the message on some of their larger baked goods.

Nothing really jumped out as spectacular, but there was a nice sense of balance and restraint on sweetness going on that would not make this bad as a regular go-to bakery if you live anywhere close by to one of their locations.

White Windmill Bakery & Cafe
5881 Buford Highway Northwest Doraville, GA 30362 (Map)
(678) 887-5200

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  1. Sorry to see you leave Philly. I used to spend a lot of time in Atlanta, and, by far, my favorite place to visit in Atlanta is the Dekalb Farmers Market. It’s a huge indoor market that employs mostly immigrants. The market has gourmet and ethnic foods, every vegetable imaginable, live seafood, great baked breads (used to load up on the naan), cheap spices, wine, a bakery, food bar, the list goes on. It’s a must if you’re in Atlanta.

  2. Taylor, thanks for your comment and your suggestion about Dekalb Farmers Market. I've yet to hit up the Dekalb one, but my fiance and I did check out the Buford Highway Farmer's Market while on an apartment hunting trip here and I think we spent an hour plus, strolling the aisles and being overwhelmed by the sheer variety there. I will be posting about that soon enough; it was really quite something else.

    Any other recommendations for the area?

  3. It's been so long (I hung out there in the early to mid 90's), and I ate vegetarian, so I'm sure not much applies due to my diet and the fact that places have changed/gone out of business. The Flying Biscuit is a brunch type place that was popular back then that's still around. If you have vegan friends, I love Soul Vegetarian's Kale Bone sandwich (but not necessarily all of their food). Also, for mall food court goodness, there was this place called Hovans (not sure if still there) in Lenox Mall that makes these wraps that I, for some reason, adored. Could be one of those things that was great then, but not in hindsight, though.

  4. Taylor, while my fiance was down here, we actually checked out Flying Biscuit and we did quite enjoy their brunch. As for the other recs, vegetarian or not, so long as it's good food, I'd be down for it, so Soul Vegetarian's Kale Bone sandwich and Hovans has been put on my to-try list.

    Quick question for you, is it just the area I'm living in (Smyrna) or is a significant portion of Atlanta just apartment/condo complexes and strip malls?

  5. It's the area you're in. Atlanta is huge and sprawling, and most of that sprawl outside of the older sections is apartments. I was much closer to downtown (Midtown near Piedmont Park) where there are large houses and bungalows. Definitely check out that area - Midtown, Buckhead, Ansley Park, Viginia Highlands for a more quaint/hip Atlanta experience. Skip downtown (ugly) and the Underground (an underground crappy mall).