Thursday, January 21, 2010

L1000000 : Marietta

I love love love hearing about quality hole-in-the-walls. And coming upon and reading this Chowhound thread on the L1000000 taco truck felt akin to the fun of having a friend reveal an undiscovered foodie spot, pre-internet days.

If you're in the northern part of Atlanta (OTP), I'd highly suggest you to forget reading my post, read that Chowhound thread, and head on out and give it a shot.

Seriously, just go.  It's honestly going to be more fun than just reading me blather on.

If you're not in the area, well, the excitement was that the post gave a pretty vague description of the address: a couple of cross streets and a landmark of a convenience store.  Later on, another poster clarified with a link to a pixellated Google Maps Street view.

So after a bit of driving around the area.  We come across what matched that heavily pixellated image.  A truck, nestled under a carpark, in front of a building.   It's basically a food truck...

...with indoor seating and bathrooms.  Brilliant!

I try not to take photos with people in them, but it was actually pretty bustling while we were there on a Sunday at 3pm.  As for the food, during my apartment hunting trip, this meal, the least expensive meal and our most expensive meal (Muss & Turner, which I will post about later) was our most memorably ones.

Torta Pastor - The pork was nice & juicy, strangely tasting a bit like beef jerky flavor. The combination of the mayo, tomato and lighter, fluffier bread make it taste... well, if you were to hand me this sandwich and I were blind-folded, I'd be hard-pressed to identify it as Mexican, as opposed to say some sort of a pulled pork sandwich, albeit a decently made, tasty one.

The tacos were our favorites, the meat in them being the juicy and delicious stars. The tortillas were doubled up in layer and while they didn't amaze like those in Mexican places we've visited, they certainly did their job.

Taco Lengua - Tongue - our favorite. Succulent, juicy, yummy.
Beef taco - Decent, tasting like a beef in a beef stew.
Taco Cabesa - A spiced beef - tasting kind of like a soy sauce.

I think for those who've had decent tacos before, L1000000 is not going to blow anyone's minds. But it's just damn satisfying a) feeling like you've been let in on a hole-in-the-wall secret, b) paying only $1 for a damn solid taco and c) enjoying those cheap tacos in a no-frills type place.

L1000000 Taco Truck
2084 Favor Rd. SW Marietta, GA 30060 (Map)


  1. Hi!!! I call Atlanta a BYOB town. Bring your own bread! I'm not saying you can't find good bread here, I'm just saying it's hard to find. Of course I live kind of on the outskirt, better known as "the cut"... I love your blog and will come back often. Hope you take aminute to come see mine. Great minds think alike. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

  2. I positively LOVE "The Taco Truck," as it is affectionately called in my circle. People from all walks of life come here to enjoy the amazing food. I personally load up on one Taco Carne Asada, one Taco Barbacoa, one Mulita Carne Asada, and one Mulita Barbacoa when I visit. Both are stuffed with meat and are delicious!