Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Taqueria Cancun : Boston

My apologies for the brief hiatus.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  I know I did and certainly my enlarged stomach can attest to that.

To get things started again, I have a few posts from my old stomping grounds of Boston.  The first of which is of Taqueria Cancun, a Mexican/Salvadoran place, in East Boston, a location that has apparently been/become a thriving location for cheap and good Mexican, Latin American & South American food (Chowhound really could benefit from community awarded prizes or something.  If there was one, I've give one to you jbowen).

Hooray, you know you've missed my truly awful cell-phone photos!

Jugo de Marañón - As if you combined sugar cane and jack fruit into a drink. A slight grittiness with indistinct sweet fruity taste. Marañón is the fruit of a cashew tree and this is the second time I've enjoyed this drink. I must say though, that it makes me rather curious to taste what fresh jugo de marañón tastes like, since I imagine both of these were just the sweetened bottled versions.

Complimentary chicken soup - Oh man, this hit the spot on a windy day. Tomato, parsely, with a few chicken bones. Fairly hearty and tasty.

Pupusa con frijoles y queso (fried beans & cheese) - The outside was not oily at all, but all together, it just was rather humdrum, mostly tasting like the ordinary refried beans inside. However, the accompanying slaw had a good tang to it: some vinegar, chile pepper, and a unique, almost floral kick of a flavor that I'm unused to.

Taco Combinacion (Chicken, Pork, Steak) - It was great for comparison purposes to be able to have tacos so soon after a previous taco dining experience. Surprisingly, they did a double tortilla process here too, but unlike Don Memo's, where the sauce and oily meats made the two tortillas a necessity for structure, here the tortillas made the tacos a bit on the dry side, even with the large slices of avocado on top. All of the meats were decently cooked and I did like the accompanying sauce, an earthy, smoky sauce (ancho and/or maybe some other sweet chile?).    Strangely, the same refried beans in the pupusa that seem ho-hum, were noticeably delicious with the rice.  Yeah, I couldn't quite figure that one out at all.

While I did get my share of looks, the service was friendly enough.  I always make an attempt to speak the little Spanish I know, but the waitress quickly came to the (correct) conclusion that it was just easier to speak in English with me.

All in all, while there were no blow-out amazing things, there was a level of quality to everything here, from the soup to the un-oily pupusa to the rice and beans that it was an enjoyable dining experience.

I will be back to Boston soon enough and I'm really looking forward to exploring more of East Boston.

Taqueria Cancun
192 Sumner St East Boston, MA 02128-2322 (Map)
(617) 567-4449

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