Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rachael's Nosheri : Philadelphia

Rachael's Nosheri is another place that my gf and I have passed by numerous times, yet never seemed to have the time to try out.  So we stopped by this past weekend for a quick brunch.

Despite its proximity to Rittenhouse Square and accompanying ritzier stores and restaurants, Rachael's has a an extremely homey and cozy atmosphere.  And from the dishes we ordered, the food also help up that way too.  To compare to the other Jewish deli on 19th, Famous 4th Street, which serves up recipes that come across as having been refined and perfected over many years,  the dishes here seemed simpler and like something a casual-cooking friend might serve up for you.

And I emphasize casual-cooking, since well, there certainly wasn't much thought into the presentation.

Monte Cristo sandwich - Simple, simple, simple.  French toast, topped with ham & turkey cold-cuts, topped with melted swiss cheese and accompanied with maple syrup.  You could definitely take this dish, go all gourmet and make a transcendent version: pick fancy complex swiss cheese, deep rich maple syrup, smoke the turkey, ham, etc, etc, etc, but sometimes simple hits the spot.  I actually tasted mostly the drier turkey flavors and texture in this, but it was fairly light and it sort of worked in its simple, no-thrills way.

Challah French Toast - This is the first time I've had challah bread french toast and both my gf and I enjoyed this.  It had a delightful light and chewy texture that was just enjoyable.

Rachael's Nosheri isn't a place that's a must-hit for visitors by any means, but for those living in the neighborhood, looking for a quick, casual spot for brunch, it wasn't bad in a no-thrills kind of manner.

For educational purposes, I'd be curious to see how their reubens and smoked meat sandwiches compare to those of Famous 4th.

Rachael's Nosheri
19th St & Sansom St. Philadelphia, PA 19103 (Map)

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