Friday, August 21, 2009

Flour Bakery : Boston

Flour Bakery was featured on Season 2 of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, loved by Boston Magazine, rec'ed by SeriousEats, and is fairly well represented on the Chow boards.

So while my gf and I were bumming around Downtown Crossing, we mosied our way across to Flour Bakery's Fort Point location.

It's on a quiet unassuming street, which is somewhat peaceful in an out-of-the-way manner.  The inside has the feel of a semi-quirky/yuppy neighborhood coffee shop: staff wearing bandanas, their separate recycling bins, the arty customers with their macs, cutesy signs not allowing customer dogs inside.  I normally detest this type of environment, but the staff was genuinely pretty friendly, so I didn't take as much issue with the atmosphere I normally might have.

Anyways, as for the sticky buns, for which they are best known, I must say it was quite good. Moist through-out, a lovely nutty sweet initial taste without any of the sickly sweet follow-up that leaves you sick to your stomach.  The one drawback that I think most mention is the price.  I forget exactly how much it was, but it was higher than we expected.  All things considered, as solid as it was, if I was living in Boston again, I'm not sure I would make a special hike out just for this.

Of course, I had to grab a chocolate-chip cookie, which I could have done without.  It was thin, had none of cakey texture that I like and tasted more like a sugar (ice-cream) cone with some all-spice than flavors I associate with a good chocolate chip cookie.

Shrug.  The sticky bun was good, no doubt.   But I think my issue with Boston's food scene seems to cover this place as well.  What I find uplifting and absolutely joyous about Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market and  NYC's Flushing is that they are places with great food that anyone can enjoy, no matter age, race, economic status, etc.   The Boston foodie scene, on the other hand, has always seemed a very select (and sometimes unpleasantly precious) demographic.

This is of course not the fault of Flour Bakery.  A business sells to the people who buy, but I guess I'm still hoping to find that gem in Boston that forces me to reconsider it in a different light and I'm not finding it here.

Flour Bakery
12 Farnsworth St Boston, MA 02210-1224 (Map)
(617) 338-4333

1595 Washington St., Boston MA 02118 (Map)
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  1. Thanks for your review of Flour - I hope to go there for their sticky buns before I leave the city. I've been living here for 2 years. When it comes to the Boston food scene you have to consider where the restaurant/cafe is located. If you want less pretentious good food go to Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain or the North End. Flour Bakery is smack dab in the middle of upscale, wealthy South End. Of course the bakery and its clientele will mirror the neighborhood (and drive up the price of the delicious bun).