Monday, June 02, 2008

Somewhere in Bangkok : Hartford

I didn't really expect to be back at Somewhere in Bangkok so soon after our previous visit, but circumstances had it such that we were back a week after we had first gone.

We ordered a few different dishes: Massaman curry tofu, basil eggplant (same), and a chicken dish with a peanut sauce that I can't quite recall the name of.

My opinion still holds of the place. The food wasn't quite there yet. The flavors were not bold enough to really stand out and impress.

Then again, perhaps we're just not ordering the right things. Looking at their website now, perhaps we should have gone for their "Top pick entrees": Bangkok Spicy Snapper, Wild Boar Basil, Phuket Fantasy, Siam Salmon. Maybe we'll give these a shot next time.

Somewhere in Bangkok
1103 Queen St. Southington CT. 06489 (Map)
($Connecticut, $Hartford, $Thai)

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