Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mo's Midtown : Hartford

I am 9 restaurants behind on blog posts and I'm temporarily in the Bay area, Cali, for the summer, so I can only assume my parade of restaurant tastings will continue at a torrid pace. Here we go, I'm gonna try to bang these out one after another after another, rambo style.

Mo's Midtown is winner of the Best Breakfast spot of the 2008 Hartford Advocate's Reader's Picks. If you live anywhere nearby, you need to try this place out.

It's setup like an old-school American diner and it's fun to sit at the counter, watching the grill cooks operate at a furious and maddeningly efficient pace. We ended up ordering the blueberry pancakes, Jambalaya omelette and a side of corned beef hash. By far our favorite were the pancakes, which were surprisingly very very airy, yet so very tasty.

The corned beef was also quite good, interestingly with chunks of red pepper in it.

I would probably not order the jambalaya omelette again, not that it wasn't good, but it was more like a chili omelette than a jambalaya one. It was very hearty with chunks of ground meat.

That day we were on our way to the beach and besides the great tasting and decently priced food, it was phenomenal that we were in and out so quickly. From time of arrival in the parking lot to departure of the parking lot, it was less than 45 minutes, great for a speedy brunch before the beach.

One last note, I gotta hand it to the Hartford Advocate Readers Poll. A number of their picks have been pretty darn good.

Mo's Midtown
25 Whitney St. Hartford, CT (Map)
(860) 236-7741
($Brunch, $Hartford, $Recommended)

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