Thursday, December 04, 2014

Trompeau Bakery : Englewood

If you were demure and prone to understating things, you could say that my SO and I enjoy French pastries.  However, it's been a number of years, since we have had good French pastries.  Having a tried a few here and there in the last four years, I think we kind of gave up on finding bakeries that were the real deal.

So we already were coming into Trompeau Bakery with low expectations.  Tack on the fact that we stumbled in 10 minutes before they close and you're really setting the bar low with the absolute worst conditions for trying out pastries.

So imagine our surprise when we found these pastries to be absolutely wonderful. 

Croque monsier 
White bread about an inch thick, but very light. Ham, gruyere and a nice creamy bechemel sauce, grilled.  Lovely flavor, particularly that bechemel, all with with a nice crunch on the outside.

Savory friand
Filled with pork that has been marinated in white wine, garlic and I believe leeks(?).  Light, flavorful, perhaps a touch on the greasy side, but the filling itself is worth it.

With it being so late in the day, it's not fair at all to judge the actual texture of the croissant.  But a good choice of delicious and not overly-sweet chocolate is always a good sign.

Rosemary bread
Marvelous. Wonderfully fragrant.  I think we demolished the entire loaf within the day.

We briefly talked with the owner while there and she mentioned that they had moved to this location because they were running out of space in their original location.  This location certainly had a good amount of space, particularly for their kitchen and baking area.  Unfortunately, for us, it's a good drive away from where we live.  Besides that, however, there's not really much to complain about Trompeau Bakery.

P.S. If you're an observant reader and were wondering, yes, the photos were taken from the inside of a car.  As I mentioned, we got to the bakery 10 minutes before closing, so we decided to eat our goodies sitting inside our car at a nearby parking lot like hooligan foodies.

Trompeau Bakery
2950 S. Broadway, Unit D Englewood, CO 80113 (Map)

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