Friday, August 15, 2014

Marco's Hot Dogs & Tacos : Longmont

Oh, Marco's Hot Dogs & Tacos is certainly an interesting one.  As the name implies, they've got a cart for hot dogs and one for tacos, all nestled underneath a covered eating area.

Sound like a bizarre combination, right?  But somehow it works.  And eating here, just makes me reminisce for some of the places in Mexico.

Hot dogs w/ everything
The hot dogs are wrapped in bacon and grilled.  The "everything" includes: beans, tomatoes, shredded cheese, mustard, ketchup and cream cheese (?).  I am definitely not one of the "bacon makes everything better" fanatics, but here the bacon works, adding a nice crunchy texture.   The rest of the ingredients are what gives this most of its flavor and are satisfying in a American casserole/comfort-food type manner.  These hot dogs are filling, which I always seem to forget when ordering our tacos.

I've heard some Spanish-speaking folk get a choice for what meat they'd like, but I believe we just got carne asada.  The tortillas a fresh and lightly grilled and the meat is flavorful.  Together with fresh onions, cilantro and salsas from the salsa bar, you've got a winning combination.

This is not complex food, but it's decently executed in a charming environment.

Marco's Hot Dogs & Tacos
1647 Kimbark St Longmont, CO 80501 (Map)
(720) 288-3907

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