Monday, August 11, 2014

El Pollote : Longmont

Updated Nov 25, 2014

El Pollote has taken the top spot for my favorite restaurant in Longmont.  Yes, their menu solely revolves around chicken, and each meal all have the same sides.  But, man alive, literally everything that comes on the tray, they do well, from the chicken to their tortillas to their tasty refried beans. 

A gentleman started talking with us about the food here, and he said that every time he came here, he just couldn't resist the callings of the flautas.  So I had to try them. And now I get it.

They came out piping hot, freshly deep-fried.  The chicken was nice, hot and juicy with a touch of delicious chicken oil.  The tortillas are deep-fried; however, unlike the crunchy tortilla chip texture that one might expect at more Americanized Mexican places, these tortillas had more of a toothy give to them, which I was a fan of, my SO not so much.  Lastly, there was this subtle flavor that reminded me of white pepper that gave the flautas a little something extra extra.  


We also finally tried the tacos. And they are outstanding, topping even the flautas.  It's interesting that they top with lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese - I'm not really sure that you really taste that at all, because your attention just gets drawn to the delicious chicken and tortillas. 

If you imagine the crunchy parts of fried dough, topped with cinnamon, that's this. 

Sometimes, when my SO and I walked around 9th and Main in Longmont, we would sometimes smell something delicious being grilled. And we would wander about, trying to Toucan-Sam smell our way to the source, but we were never able to determine what was producing the wonderful smell.

One evening, we had a hankering for tacos and decided to walk into the Carniceria Las Cazuelas, thinking they had some.

When we asked about food, they pointed us towards the back of the store, which is actually El Pollote, a small restaurant, specializing in grilled chicken.

Damas y caballeros, este comida es la verdad.  (Ladies and gents, this is the real deal.)

Half-chicken meal

Its evident that the grill has been used a lot. You've got wonderful depth of flavor in the char on the chicken (think of the flavors you get from the patina of woks, cast-iron pans.) And the chicken was cooked just right, not over-cooked nor dried out.

Fresh house-made tortillas.

Flavorful pickled onions.

Moist, tasty rice and delicious refried beans.  Now this is a meal.

We've been back a number of times since and plan on returning.  Go check it out.

El Pollote
917 Main St Longmont, CO 80501 (Map)

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