Monday, September 10, 2012

Yeah Burger : Atlanta

A bit underwhelmed by Yeah Burger.

Besides the wheat buns, which was actually somewhat satisfying, it was surprising how fast-foodish the burgers came across.  i.e. maybe a half step above something like Five Guys.  

Beef Burger w/ tomato, lettuce, onions
Two beef patties were a bit on the dry side and despite the somewhat tall size, it left me still hungry.  The fries had a potato skin flavor to them.  

Lamb burger w/ mushrooms, pickles
More moist, but I suspect because of the mushrooms and pickles.  Preferred this to the beef burger.

It seems to attract a younger crowd.  It does have a casual, relaxed layout and the aesthetic comes across as very Atlantan (summery with all of those windows and stylish in the converted warehouse/garage type of way)

Not a destination place for sure, but if you are nearby and are craving a relatively cheap burger, this might be your place.

Yeah Burger
1168 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA (Map)
(404) 496-4393

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