Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Highland Bakery : Atlanta

(Meal from Feb 2011)

We're always looking for a good (American) brunch place.

Actually.  Let me reword that.

My better half is always looking for a nice brunch place.  And I'm always hoping against hope that we'll find a brunch place that not only executes their dishes well (which a lot do), but also offers something that is unique and that is hold-onto-your-hat memorable.  

I mean I've had cookies, donuts, dimsum, fine dining dinners, and seafood shack lunches, which all are on my conversation instant-recall when anyone unknowingly stumbles into their respective topic.  But really nothing comes to mind, when it comes to brunch.

Umm, and certainly after our brunch at Highland Bakery, I'll still be searching.  (Edit: This Chowhound thread looks like it may come in handy for our search.)

Ricotta Pancakes - Three pancakes with warm blueberry compote
Ick.  I was not a fan.  The ricotta combined with the cooked blueberries for some reason reminded me of eating a newspaper.  Just this confrontingly, bland/neutral flavor.  Note that my better half didn't really see what I was talking about.  

French toast - Super thick slices of challah bread, topped with seasonal fresh fruit & French cream, with brown sugar butter on the side.
Dry.  Perhaps due to the thickness, certain areas of the slides didn't get covered with egg at all.  Then put the slices over heat and certain portions of the bread just get really, really dry.  

I give them some points for the sauce, not being overly sweet, but I had to completely dunk certain portions of the french toast in the sauce to avoid the moisture in my mouth from being sucked out.  

Certainly far from an enjoyable french toast.

Eggs - scrambled and overeasy.
Decently cooked.  Nothing to complain about.

Oatmeal raisin cookie 
Not too sweet, but not too memorable either.  

Chocolate chip cookie
I like the sizes of cookies - like the diameter and the thickness.  The walnuts and to a lesser extent the sugar stole most of the flavor.  Meaning that it wasn't as bad as tasting candied walnuts, but it was actually difficult to taste the chocolate chips or the cookie dough.

Highland Bakery
655 Highland Avenue Northeast #10 Atlanta, GA 30312 (Map)
(404) 586-0772

Multiple Locations

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