Friday, September 14, 2012

Ham Heung Nam Myn : Duluth

(Meal from February, 2011)

This was a bit of a challenge to find, even with the address and a potentially out-of-date GPS, but with one meal, Ham Heung Nam Myn became our favorite Korean place in Atlanta.

(Google Maps seems to spot the plaza that this is located in correctly)
We really loved the interior.

The frames contain old movie posters and photos, which came across as quite endearing, as if the owner was just a big movie fan, had collected all of this stuff and wanted to share their love with the customers.  (As opposed to some jaded/calculated business decision for the theme of the restaurant).

We also dug the metal barrels that supported the tables.  For some reason, I could imagine that there were/are some sort of those fast/cheap/casual chow stands in Asia that do this.

I don't have pictures, but there are also some free-standing curtains that can be pulled out between some of the side tables to provide some separation between tables.

I also was a fan of their food.  It tended towards more homey, yet somehow had more finesse than that at Chosun Ok.

Egg soup
Essentially poached scrambled-up eggs.  On the light side, slightly savory.  Liked very much. More please!

Pork soup
On their Korean only menu (we asked - we don't read/speak Korean).  We got the medium, which we think was more than enough for two.

We loved it.  The combination of the spicy peppercorns, which have the lengthy spicy flavor, with the prolonged deliciousness of slow-cooked pork stock was just marvelous.    

We ate as much as we could, but looked pityingly at the small remainder left, wishing we could finish it.

It's a bit of a drive for us to justify, but we will be back.

Ham Heung Nang Myn
3230 Steve Reynolds Boulevard Duluth, GA 30096 (Map)

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