Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bakeshop : Atlanta

(Meal from early 2011 - Google lists this as closed, so this posting is more for my own memory)

BBQ Chicken panini
Bbq chicken is your somewhat standard bbq, but admittedly decently offset by the slaw, which cut through the thickness of the bbq sauce.

Chicken Salad
Salad had fresh vegetables, but really was quite ruined by the curried chicken salad.  The curry chicken salad just tasting like the cheap curry powder available in supermarkets.  Just felt like it was the equivalent of Ikea for food.  Except the food wasn't that cheap.

Corn shrimp chowder
Nice seafoody flavor, a bit thin texture-wise for a chowder, but flavorwise, pretty tasty.

Almond Croissant
Some sort of almond custard inside.  Kind of your average American bastardized croissant

Peach pastry
Even worse than croissant.  Bread to filling ratio was way too high.  Custard was overly sweet.

Triple Chocolate Pecan Cookie
Veers more on the overly sweet side than not, with brown sugar of the batter strangely dominating the initial flavor.  Chocolate chunks and white chocolate supplying some mid-range sweetness, followed by the batter and pecan, helping to offset the sweetness.

903 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA (Map)

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