Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft : Atlanta

Tuk Tuk Thai Restaurant has plentiful parking (and no stupid valet parking to boot), which is always a plus for Atlanta restuarants.

Also it gets a plus for decor.  It has a cute tuk tuk in its lobby, which the host/hostess must get so annoyed at, since folks always seem to hop in and blare the horn.  The actual restaurant (on the second floor) has high lofted ceilings, which christmas light-like decorations strung across above.  From an interior perspective, it actually seems like a place to hang out with friends.  Unfortunately, it's also a bit on the darker side and I didn't bring my camera, which fares better in low light. 

Food-wise, (and take this with a grain of salt, since we only ordered two dishes), we weren't so impressed.  

Seafood salad 
The most noticeable thing about this was the half-head of fresh cabbage.  Not really anything impressive

Green curry beef 
Beef cooked ok.  The curry is on the blander side without too much kick or depth of flavor.

From these two dishes, it seemed like the spices were really watered down.  So I suppose, if you have friends with less adventurous palates or who just don't care about the food as much as the atmosphere, this might be a good fit, but for the rest of us, skip.

Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft
1745 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta, GA 30309 (Map)

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