Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goiana Bakery : Marietta

We still frequent Coisas do Brasil for their "Ready to Eat" platters, but if we're ever in the mood for something lighter, we actually prefer the sandwiches across the street at Goiana Bakery, a bakery associated with the Brazillian grocery store in the same plaza.

X-Lombo Especial (bread, pork chop, cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato, egg, corn, peas, and potato sticks)
Read those ingredients and tell me this doesn't sound like it was invented by a kid who wanted to cram as many things into a sandwich as possible.  But hell, I'm not one to criticize that - when I cook, I'm like that and personally like the combination.

The good: the bread is very light - even lighter than banh mi bread.  Especially like the addition of the egg, peas and corn, flavorwise.  And texture-wise, love the addition of the potato sticks.

The so-so: The ingredients aren't exactly the highest quality.  The peas and corn could very well be from a can and the cheese could be the Kraft American Singles.  But to be fair, think this is really working-man type fare and it's tasty.

Note: the sandwiches are served in a plastic bag.  When I first ordered this, I started to take the sandwich out of the bag and the staff kindly suggested that I eat out of the bag.  True enough, since the sandwich is so packed, the bag catches all of the things that fall out and keeps your hands clean.

Note 2: They also provide ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise packets.  Similar to how there's a plethora of ingredients, they also supply the full palette of condiments.  I'm a fan of putting them on.

Misto Quente Simples (Bread, ham, cheese, tomato)
Simple, but tasty.  Still dig the delicate bread.

X-Frango (Bread, chicken breast, cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato, corn, peas, and potato sticks)
Decently cooked chicken breast, nicely toasted bread.  Still prefer the pork, but this is not bad either.

Caldo do chicken - chicken soup
Served piping hot, albeit nuked.  Thicker than your standard American soup, almost feeling like some starch thickener had been added.  It had a broadly-appealing flavor, where all of the flavors of the ingredients had really mixed together so that not one flavor really stuck out.

Mocoto Soup - Soup with Cow Ankle (Staff struggled a bit with translation, so not sure about this).
We really enjoyed this.  It seemed like the ankle was originally a cartilage that had stewed for so long it disintegrated and become a thickening agent for the soup.  Almost like you had made a soup out of gravy in an appealing way.

This one tasted as if it had been sitting for quite some time, which given that we were there for dinner, probably was the case.  (Perhaps it's wiser to pick up the pastries earlier in the day)

Goiana Bakery
1475 Terrell Mill Rd SE Ste 116 Marietta GA (Map)

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