Friday, June 08, 2012

Hankook Taqueria : Atlanta

(Note: Meal is from Dec 2010)

 My better half and I never got a chance to try out Korean tacos, when they exploded onto the foodie internet scene back in 2009. (See Wikipedia, Kogi)  So once we found out Hankook Taqueria served them in Atlanta, we were excited to try them out.

I can't compare this to any other Korean taco place, but I can say that Hankook delivers some well-cooked, high quality tacos

Deep-fried eggplant slices
Light, deep-fried and tasty.  Can't go wrong with this.

Nice flour tortillas. Much higher quality ingredients and a much broader range of flavors in each taco.  This has a higher price point than your $1 tacos, but these are decent tacos.

Pickled hot chile, decent calamari.  Rather spicy chile
Slightly battered fish.  Not a big fan of the cheese sprinkled on top, but everything else pretty decent.
Tastes like rou song, with juices, cheese,
Bulgogi, cheese

We live a bit of a drive away, but we certainly wouldn't have any issue coming here if we're in the area.

Hankook Taqueria
1341 Collier Road Northwest, Atlanta, GA (Map)
(404) 352-8881 ‎

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