Monday, June 04, 2012

Confetti : Hartford

(Meal from Dec 2010)

Sesame crusted Cauliflower
Straightforward and pretty decent.  Cauliflower pieces battered and covered with black and white sesame seeds and salt and fried.  Served with a sauce similar to Russian dressing. 

Sheep Milk's cheese
If there is a tartness scale that sheep milk's cheese can fall on, this would score pretty low, exhibiting only a slight tang.  However, given that I suspect this restaurant's demographic has a more conservative palate, I thought this struck a decent balance between conservatism and introducing a new flavor.  

Penne Vodka Salsiccia
Fresh mushrooms, sweet longhini sausage, and vodka, finished with a light rosa sauce
I wish the pasta was handmade - it came across as the standard boiled penne - because everything else was above average.  The sausage was flavorful, drawing most of the attention, while the mushrooms and sauce also providing some taste as well. 

This is certainly a cut above the standard Italian chain and I think is a good option for those who tend to have a more conservative palate.

393 Farmington Avenue, Plainville, CT (Map)
(860) 793-8809

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