Friday, May 04, 2012

Twinside Il Bistrot del Caminetto d'Oro : Bologna, Italy

Twinside Bistrot is the casual bistro associated with the fancier, reservation-definitely-needed Caminetto d'Oro next door.  (For reference, since Caminetto d'Oro website is under construction, here's a write up of Caminetto d'Oro in the Bologna Magazine.  Caminetto also gets love on the Chowhound boards as well. )

This was one of our favorite dining experiences of the entire trip.

Yeah, I'm not sure why I kept on taking photos of restaurants' balsamic vinegar and olive oil either.
Ratatouille (with fried quail egg and toast with cheese)
The flavors of the vegetables were not quite as infused throughout the dish as we've had by slow-cooking a ratatouille ourselves, but the dish was certainly nicely cooked and oozing with the delicious flavor of the olive oil.  The fried quail egg was a delight and the tomatoes were extremely sweet

Twinside-fisch-burger (House-made bread, cod, tomatoes confit, peeled peppers, tapenade of capers and   olives [as translated by Google])
Yes, this burger has both fish and beef and it was great.  The fish was juicy due to the oil from the beef and the buttered bread and the flavor really worked with the beef, olives and everything else. It was  served with potatoes wedges that were essentially like large yummy french fries and salad, drizzled with olive oil and salt.  We liked this one a lot.

Pappardelle con Funghi Porcini e Tartufo Nero
Large flat noodles with season mushrooms and season black truffles
The initial flavor of what seems to be just plain pasta blossoms into the flavor of the mushrooms and then the lovely truffle flavor. Fantastic. We ate every single bit of this.

Cake of the Day
The fruit (our best guess was grapes) had been baked into the cake for a nice gooey texture.  All of the sweetness of the cake was from the that fruit and if they were grapes, they were extremely sweet and without any of the accompanying tartness.  The side of creme fraiche cut through the sweetness and was a nice pairing.

All in all, this was a delicious meal end to end.

Twinside Bistrot
Via de' Falegnami, 6 40121 Bologna, Italy (Map)
051 9911797

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