Monday, May 14, 2012

Spoon Restaurant : Atlanta

My gosh, I didn't realize I was so back-logged on places from Atlanta. Here we go:

Spoon is a Thai place near Georgia Tech.

Apologies for the photos.  Way too dark for my camera at that time to handle:

Green curries with mixed vegetables
It had a slow-build kick, a decent and better than your standard Thai restaurant version, if without much depth or complexity to the curry.

Pad kee mao  (Photo too dark)
Also decent.  Think the noodles themselves were the first thing I noticed in that they still had some springiness to them when I first bit into them.

Still prefer the hominess and freshness of the Sandy Spring Thai Star better, but this was not bad.

Spoon Restaurant 
768 Marietta Street  Atlanta, GA 30318 (Map)
(404) 522-5655

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