Monday, May 28, 2012

Parish Foods & Goods: Atlanta

If we are in the area during the afternoon, Parish remains our go-to spot to pick up some sandwiches that have solid ingredients and are made with care.

I can't seem to find my notes from this meal, but I do recall being overall satisfied with this meal, finding similarities to casual dining at Muss & Turner's.

On a separate time, we also tried Parish for dinner, which while okay, did not impress enough that we'd go back for dinner.

It was dark in there, but I assure you it came off less spooky than it does in this picture.
I think the charcuterie was a good example of the meal.  Everything seemed to be house-made and we ate every single nibble on the wood block, but with a charcuterie, usually, there's at least one item that is so succulent or smoky that just leaves an impression for the entire night.  This one didn't have that.

Dixie burger
Gumcreek Farms ground beef, fried green tomatoes, applewood smoked bacon, pimento cheese, iceburg lettuce, brioche bun, crystal mayo, served with hash browns.Decent burger, though there were two attributes that my personal preferences in burgers don't jive as well with.  1)  While it's always fantastic to have a nice cheese or side ingredients, I like the meat flavor to come first and the other ingredients to come second (see Rouge).  This burger was more the combination of the cheese and bacon that lent the flavor.  With bacon and a decent cheese, it gets difficult to assess the actual burger itself.   2) I'm not a fan of the brioche bun with a burger.  The brioche is usually too light and insubstantial in comparison with the burger.

Fried Chicken
2 pieces of Springer Mountain chicken, collard greens, logan turnpike grits, spiced 
The chicken breast was impressively juicy and moist.  Fried batter and honey always a good combination.  Fairly light grits and decent collard greens.  The one detractor was the portion size - we came nowhere close to finishing.

Banana bread pudding
Salted toffee sauce, brown sugar bourbon ice cream
Decent, but not dazzling.

Parish still remains our go-to for a lunch pick-up, but we'll probably be trying other spots if we in the area for dinner.

Parish Foods & Goods 
240 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia
(404) 681-3162 ‎

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