Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paolo Atti : Bologna, Italy

Paolo Atti is a bakery in the Mercato di Mezzi, recommended by our guide-book.

They've got pies, cookies, tarts...

and umm bags... (yeah I don't know why I took this photo either.)

Chestnut Glacé
According to the guidebook, this is Paolo Atti's specialty, a candied chestnut.  The sugar was crystalized, so there was a gradient of flavor between the chestnut and its candied "shell."  Certainly interesting, not exactly my cup of tea.  It actually reminded me of one of the Chinese candies given out during Chinese New Year's, in that it does not come across as immediately sweet, but strangely has an overall sweetness.  

Cookie dell' Amore
Of course, I had to spring for a cookie.  This was a shortbread one with raspberry filling for the heart. It's somewhat like a Hamantash.  Not bad, relatively light, moist, but crumbly shortbread.

This was kind of a shrug experience, but then again our sample size for the goods here was quite small.

Paolo Atti
Via Caprarie 7 - Bologna (Map)
Tel 051-220425

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