Wednesday, April 25, 2012

il Ducale : Bologna, Italy

Heck yes. More pizza.

il Ducale has nice outdoor seating in a mini piazza of sorts.

The (individual) pizza are WTF wide.  My initial reaction to seeing ours was that I could use it as a shield and it would protect from my chin down to my waist.  But since the crust was so thin (much thinner than the pizza at il Pizzaiuolo), you could really do some damage to the entire pie by yourself.  And since the stuff is so delicious, you do have a desire to make a dent to the pies.  (It really does make you feel like you're a competitive eater.)

Ducale - pomodoro (tomato), mozzarella, prosciutto, cotto, radicchio, all’uscita provola aff
The ham had a more salted / pointed flavor. Radicchio, perhaps slightly over cooked.  The crust strangely had a flavor of corn, but nicely blended well with the ingredients.  Overall, a more subtle, well blended flavor than the pizza we had at il Pizzaiuolo.

Maurizio - pomodoro (tomato), mozzarella, polpi freschi (octopus)
Octopus astonishingly well cooked, as in I would be mind-be-goggled if I found out that they had not cooked the octopus separately from the pizza.

I'm not a coffee drinker at all, but I had to try out an after-dinner coffee just to see what's what.  I like to drink coffee black just to understand the actual taste of coffee and this had a bitterness that hit the centerline of the tongue, but with almost no lingering bitter aftertaste.  Interesting, but I probably will have to have more coffees after dinner to get this.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves.  It was wonderful sitting outside in the nice weather, enjoying good pizza.

il Ducale
Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 24, 40126 Bologna, Italy (Map)
+39 051 239615

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