Friday, April 27, 2012

Gelatauro : Bologna, Italy

And I believe our logic went something along the lines of "Duhh.  Of course we must try gelato in Bologna."

Il Gelatauro looked and felt like how a casual coffeeshop feels like in the States, fitting in very much with the whole university city feel of Bologna.

And I took these photos, so I didn't have to write down the names of the flavors, but I'll post them in case you were curious to see what flavors they offered.

Strangely, for such a casual place, the flavors of the gelato here were the most umm... ingredient-flavor-forward (hrm.  is there a less awkward way of describing this?) of all of the gelatos in the places we tried.

Zucca e Cannella (Pumpkin and Cinnamon)
Tasting like if someone had mashed up pumpkin and stuck it in the freezer and magically gotten gelato consistency.

Pistacchio di Bronte (Pistacchio from Bronte Sicily)
See description for Pumpkin flavor.  Apply to pistachio.

Pera Parmigiano Aceto Balsamico (Pear, Parmigiano & Aromatic Vinegar)
Like a pear in frozen form with chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Certainly the ingredients they do put in were so intriguing that we ended up returning to try a few other flavors.

Brownice - Cioccato fondente con noci e nocciole 
(Chocolate fudge with walnut and hazelnuts)
My least favorite of the flavors, a bit too heavy on the chocolate flavor.

Principe di Calabria - con bergamotto, gelsomino e pan spagna 
(Prince of Calabria [?]- with bergamot, jasmine and bread spain)
Tasting like hints of earl grey tea.

Sorbetto Fico d'India 
Tasting like well, we didn't know what it was, but almost like a muscadine / persimmon.

I thought I really liked flavor-foward gelato and ice cream, but I've apparently found my boundary.  I preferred the gelato's at Vestri Gelateria and even the creamier gelatos at il Gelato Vivolo, but if you enjoy sticking ingredients in the freezer and wish they were had a gelato texture, do I have a find for you.

Via San Vitale, 98, 40125 Bologna, Italy (Map)
+39 051 230049

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