Monday, April 30, 2012

Cremeria Santo Stefano : Bologna, Italy

We were wandering around via Santo Stefano, a street with posher stores and restaurants and with pedestrians in suits and expensive clothing.  And there we saw Cremeria Santo Stefano, a gelateria that fit in very well with these surroundings.

Ooh glass cubes...

... and ruffled glass cups.  How fancy.
We did not have anything planned and well, it had been almost a whole day since we had had gelato.  So we decided to try it out.

Misto di Sicilia (pesto di pistacchio, mandorle e nocciole biologiche) 
[pistachio, almonds, hazelnuts]

Crema delle Zitelle (mascarpone e pinoli pisani)
[mascarpone and pine nuts]

Cioccolato del Baraccano (con scorze d'arancia)
[chocolate baraccano with orange zest]

Perhaps true to its name, all of the flavors were extremely cream focused.  The crema delle zitelle particularly had a very rounded cream flavor, but all of the flavors had that same and very prevalent cream flavor, which was good and bad.  Good, in that it's a lovely flavor.  Bad, in that what's the use of having the different ingredients?

What was amazing was the length that cream flavor lasted in your mouth.  We had walked a couple of blocks, literally minutes after we had finished the gelato, and we could still taste it in our mouths.

It was quite interesting to compare this gelato to those of Gelatauro.  If there was a spectrum that gelato's could fall on, with one end being cream flavor prevalent and the other being the ingredient flavor focused, Cremeria Santo Stefano and Gelatauro would be at the two extremes respectively.

If we had had more time in Bologna, I would have tried to buy a gelato from each and see if their combination would result in an ideal mix.

Cremeria Santo Stefano
Via Santo Stefano, 70/C 40125 Bologna (Map)
tel: : 051227045

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