Monday, March 05, 2012

Vestri Gelateria : Florence, Italy

I mentioned in my post on Il Gelato Vivolo that we stumbled upon another gelateria that became our favorite of the trip.  That was Vestri.

Yes, it's slightly more expensive than some of the other gelaterias.  And yes, they did come across as all serious and a bit snooty in a chichi way, but man did they get their gelatos on point.

As an fyi, they are also a high-end chocolatier as well and most of the shop is focused on their chocolates.  Judging from their gelato, we're guessing that it's probably good stuff as well, but we did not get a chance to try that out.

Probably the sweetest of the 3 flavors.  There's a very subtle honest chestnut flavor at the very end.

Chocolate w/ Hazelnut
Very subtle on the (dark) chocolate flavor, then a transition to the hazelnut, which tasted like they used actual hazelnut.  Brilliant.

Fichi (Fig)
The fig was the most dense of the gelatos, almost like a paste (in a good way), than the more creamy whipped texture of the others.   But the flavor of a real fig came through dramatically, refreshingly unlike the more artificial / sugary renditions we found at many of the other gelaterias.

Beyond being able to taste that they used the actual ingredient in the gelato, all three gelatos had a nice prolonged, drawn-out flavor.  We sat down and literally closed our eyes, savoring the flavors like actors in those horridly, unrealistic food commercials.

This is how you do it.  Prior to this trip and even on the first few stops to gelaterias, I did not quite understand the appeal of gelato.

I get gelato now.

Vestri Gelateria
Borgo degli Albizi, 11 50122 Florence, Italy (Map)
055 2340374

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