Friday, March 02, 2012

Nerbone : Florence, Italy

Oh, ladies and gents, this was a good food day.  How could it not be when the first meal of the day is from Nerbone stand at Mercato Centrale?

Nerbone is really known for offering Lampredotto, but also sells other stand-out offerings.  You pay first, then shift along to the right, where if you've ordered any of the meat sandwiches, you tell the somewhat grumpy server exactly what you want: Lampredotto vs Bollito, picante or pesto sauce, and one other choice that I'm forgetting now. (I suspect the dude gets grumpy since he's serving noob tourists all day, so if you're wise, pay attention to the questions to the previous customers and prepare your responses.)

Mozzarella Salad
Fresh Mozzarella balls, ripe tomato slices, topped with balsamic vinegar.  Simple and lovely.

Some of their meats.

Lampredotto sandwich
Yes, it just looks like meat on a bun.  And yes, when you know what lampredotto is (fourth and final stomach of a cow), you might get a little bit nervous tasting it.  But the stuff is phenomenal and is something you really do not need to be an adventurous eater to enjoy.

There was no chewiness that sometimes comes when eating innards; instead, certain parts just melted in your mouth, like a nice fatty piece of meat.  We opted for the picante sauce, which added a good kick to it.

Stewed beef w/ pesto sauce.  Nice thin slices of beef, so juicy that it was almost like eating dark meat of a chicken.  Pesto a nice addition - the fresh basil and celery prevalent in the flavor.

The bread in both was like well, good Italian bread: crusty on the outside, fluffy on the inside and easily sogged up, so it's best to eat these sandwiches quickly after ordering.

This stuff was absolutely fantastic.  I'm really convinced I could eat this everyday.

Mercato Centrale

Via dell'Ariento, 87-r, 50123 Firenze, Italy (Map)
+39 055 214070

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