Monday, February 06, 2012

Panificio Rosi : Riomaggiore, Italy

After much too short of a time in Cinque Terra, we were sad to be leaving.  Before taking off, we stopped at a small bakery shop for some morning pastries:

Chocolate, creme, apricot
Decent, but a overwhelming with the proportions  of the already strongly flavored filling to the crust.  You also have to be careful on the inhale eating this.  Right when I was about to take a bite, I inhaled a blast of powered sugar and ended up with a 5-minute coughing fit.

Fig & Walnut Pastry
Pastry itself a little like shortbread in texture: with that crumbly cooki'ish texture.  The fig filling was nice was small bits of walnut.  I was rather surprised by the portions; I could have dealt with the sweetness of this, just not in such a large size.

Not sure why we opted for a plain focaccia piece, perhaps to offset the sweet breakfast pastries, but it turned out to be our favorite of the bunch.  A nice crunch, a touch oily, but nice.

Panificio Rosi
Via San Giancomo Riomaggiore Italy

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