Wednesday, February 08, 2012

McDonald's : Florence, Italy

This may seem out of character, given my general disdain for fast food.

But we were particularly surprised to come across a McDonald's in Venice, Bologna and then again in Florence.  And to top it off, there seemed to be a bit of a marketing blitz from McDonald's as well.  Surely, Italians would not be tempted by such cheap schlock offered in McDonald's, would they?

The McDonald's was packed.  

Most of the menu remained the same as what you would find in the U.S.; however, they did have a small specials menu, a few of which strayed from the usual.  I couldn't resist:

Olives Ascolana
Olives stuffed with beef, deepfried.  Sadly, this tasted like they took some of their hamburger meat, added some jarred olives (and not the good ones) and deep fried the thing with batter.   It was bland as crap and sadly did not seem localized at all (and given my wait for this item, did not seem to be all that popular locally)

I was also a bit surprised by the price point.  3 Euros for each 3 olive balls?  What madness. 

Oh well, it was interesting to try this out.

Florence, Italy

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