Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marco Salumeria e Formaggi : Florence, Italy

We also stopped by the Marco Salumeria e Formaggi stand in Mercato Centrale

I think we elicited a few bemused smiles when out of the massive Parmigiano Reggiano chunks there... 

we asked for a small sliver that we could eat in a single sitting:

The stuff was absolutely lovely though.  It had a sweetness akin to a nice apricot and a beautiful dramatic flavor that held for a good 5 to 7 seconds.  Bonus was the hardened crystals throughout, which when bitten into, packed a super burst of flavor.  Really wonderful stuff.

Marco Salumeria e Formaggi
Mercato Centrale
Via dell'Ariento, 87-r, 50123 Firenze, Italy (Map)

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