Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Instabul Doner Kebap : Florence, Italy

We had previously walked to two places prior to this: a pizzeria and a trattoria, both of which were closed on Sunday.

It really made me realize just how dependent I had become on Google Maps and being able to telephone a restaurant to see if they were open.  

Anyhow, we were a bit hungry, crabby and looking for a quick, inexpensive meal.  I saw this shop and hoped that this might turn out to be one of those fortuitous stops.  

Large beef kebab
While it was not bad, I'd describe this as more something you stop by after a few drinks.
Slightly grilled pita, thinly sliced beef, yogurt sauce.  It hit the spot, but then again we were on the hungry side.

Instanbul Doner Kebap

Via de' Benci, 18  50122 Firenze, Italy (Map)

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