Monday, February 27, 2012

Il Gelato Vivolo : Florence, Italy

Yes, it was time for more gelato, this time from Vivolo Gelateria, a gelateria located a bit away from the touristy areas and judging from the lack of English speakers, seemingly mostly visited by locals.

By far, this was my favorite of all the gelaterias we had tried this trip.  All of the flavors were just well done, not overly sweet and lent a more homey/home-made feel than (vs other gelaterias which go the chichi route).

Rico Gelato 
Very much like if you combined a rice pudding with gelato, complete with bits of rice which tempers the sweetness.

Chocolate w/ Orange Peel
With that slight bitterness of dark chocolate, but not offensively so.

Merengue Semi-Freddo
More of a creamy flavor

We would later find another gelateria in Florence that managed to top this as our favorite; however, I still have no hesitations recommending this spot.

Il Gelato Vivolo

Via dell' Isola delle Stinche, 7r 50122 Firenze, Italia (Map)
055 292334

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