Monday, January 23, 2012

Pizzeria Focacceria Raggi Emiliano: Monterosso al Mare, Italy

Monterosso al Mare is the northern most village of Cinque Terre and that was our starting point to do the hike between all 5 villages.

We were originally intending to grab a few focaccia bread pieces for a quick breakfast for our hike without paying much attention to what we picked up.  But the focaccia ended up being pretty decent.

It was from a small pizzeria/focacceria on the smaller side street, via Vittorio Emanuele

Vegetarian Focaccia
Tomato, artichoke, spinach - unexpectedly nice.  They asked if we wanted it toasted and we ate that piece there.  Fresh ingredients and decent focaccia bread.

Mozarella, Potato, Rosemary
A bit on the saltier side due largely to the mozzarella, although the potatoes were also slightly salty as well.  Strangely satisfying, especially an hour into our hike.

It was actually quite fortunate we did pick up the food we did.

There are two hiking options for Cinque Terre: the more popular (and direct) trails between villages that go along the sea-side and the less well-traveled trails that first go uphill and inland and then back downhil and towards the sea (think of a greater-than symbol >), which is what we ended up picking for some reason.  These trails were not as well marked and even get interrupted by roads (the trail literally stops at the road and there are no signs as to where the trail picks up again.)  Getting to the second village, Vernazza, ended up taking over 4 hours.  Oof.

Pizzeria Focacceria Raggi Emiliano
Piazza Garibaldi N. 4 Monterosso al Mare, Italy (Map)

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