Friday, January 13, 2012

Gelateria Paolin S. Stefano : Venice, Italy

As an fyi, we miraculously re-found Caffe Brasilia and ate there again in between trying Laguna Bar Gelateria and Gelateria Paolin S. Stefano.   I didn't want you thinking we were so gluttonous as to hit up two gelaterias in a row.  

We saved that for later in the trip.

Tampoco (?)
Both flavors overly sweet throughout, which really surprised us, given the number of people enjoying themselves outside the place.   The tampico had bits of berry (cherry or loganberry?) was especially guilty of  being too sweet, but the pistachio, containing bits of wafer or pistachio paste throughout, also was not really what we were looking for.

Sigh.  I guess we can see why Venice is not exactly known as a foodie town.

Gelateria Paolin
San Marco 2962, Campo Santo Stefano, Venice, Italy (Map)
+39 041 522 5576

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