Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gelateria Artigianale : Corniglia, Italy

It was a 1 1/2 hr (coastal) hike to the next village, Carniglia.

Carniglia seemed a much quieter town, where it seemed like the locals far out-numbered the tourists.  After Vernazza, this came across as quite refreshing.

After the hike, we figured we needed to rehydrate and replentish our bodies... so we stopped in another gelateria.  

The mango was not bad, but just were not enamored with it.  Had a slight tartness to it.
The pistachio had an okay creaminess to it, but again there weren't any pistachio bits to it.  
Finally the cone and waffle cracker had almost no sugar to it - (this turned out to be the case for nearly all gelaterias we went to in Italy) - it was one of the stranger things to munch on, since it had such a neutral flavor.

Gelateria Artigianale
via Serra Corniglia, Italy (Map)

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