Monday, January 09, 2012

Chat Qui Rit : Venice, Italy

The only way that I can explain it is that being in another country, jet-lagged, our foodie spidey sense must have been off.  With the menu outside appearing to offer relatively reasonable prices and it being somewhat close to our hotel, we convinced ourselves that it was acceptable to eat at a self-service buffet line type place.

i.e. this was a pre-meditated egregious choice.

It was our worst meal the entire trip, bar none.  

It's like a cafeteria-style line, where you get a tray and point at pre-dished servings.  The bored staff-members then take your pick and nuke it in a microwave in plain sight.  I kid you not.

Pasta is nuked, chicken is nuked.  They even nuke the fish.  Oh the horror.

This "seafood" salad was a cold salad, somewhat fortunately.  (Later on in our trip on a food tour, we were told we were lucky and that it's generally not recommended to get seafood in Venice.  One couple who was supposed to go on the tour got massive food poisoning from seafood.)

Seeing the buffet alone, we should have fled.  Topping it with the microwave deal, we should have run out screaming.  Strangely, we passively trudged along and got to the cashier, where we were shocked with a terrifically high charge.

As for the food, well.

Some of the other pasta was at least fresher (as potentially hand-made at some point, but sitting around for an hour), but the lasagna had that crusty hardened cheese, so often found in pastas in a cafeteria setting that had been under a heat-lamp.

Olves/Artichoke hearts
Better than what you'd get at a regular grocery market/restaurant in the States, but I suspect what you could get in a grocery store in Italy.

Oh my my.  Overcooked to hell.  Dry and dry.  Flavorful, but dry as a German joke in the desert.

Seafood Salad
Considering the other dishes, not as bad as could be. Covered with light vinegar, which does help things.  But my concern was: is langostine supposed to the have the texture of fish balls?

Ick.  Do not come here.

Chat Qui Rit
Sestiere di San Marco, 1131 30124 Venezia, Italia (Map)
041 522 9086

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